CRB077 2 ml Clear Mini Atomizer
Perfect small atomizer for perfume samples and trips. 2-1/2 inches tall overall and 1/2 inch diameter. Bottom part maded of clear PE. Holds 2 ml ( 0.0676 ounce ) volume.
 CRB077 2 ml Mini Atomizer $1.00 each.
 Case of 10 each CRB077 2 ml Mini Atomizer $9.00
 Case of 100 each CRB077 2 ml Mini Atomizer $65.00
K08 .5 Ounce Nail Polish Bottle with Brush
Excellent Nail Polish bottle and economical too. Do you need extreme quality empty nail polish bottles for your mixing or nail polish? Our empty nail polish bottles, brushes and caps are manufactured to strict quality control standards in Italy. Empty nail polish bottles feature thick durable walls for robust use with out unnecessary breakage. The high quality Italian brush ensures consistent and even application of your nail polish.
Our wholesale empty nail polish bottles are .5 oz. and ship unassembled. Simply place the brush into the empty nail polish bottle and then screw on the cap. Done!

 Case of 10 Bottles with Brushes $12.95
 Case of 100 Bottles with Brushes $107.95
Heat Activated Shrink Sleeves
These 2 mil cut bands provide protection from tampering for your small production run bottles.
To choose the right size for your bottle, simply measure the top of the bottle ( measure across the top of the cap ), the sleeve size listed is the maximum cap size it will go over.
To use, simply slide the sleeve over the bottle cap and apply heat with either a heat gun set on low or a hair dryer set on high.
Each band will shrink up to 50%. For example, the 18mm band ( 0.7 inch ) will actuall shrink down to about 10mm and is the perfect fit for both our 1/8 ounce and 1/4 ounce vials.
  G64 18mm ( 0.7 inch ) Shrink Sleeves Pack of 25 $1.75 ea.
  G65 20mm ( 0.78 inch ) Shrink Sleeves Pack of 25 $1.75 ea.
  G67 28mm ( 1.1 inch ) Shrink Sleeves Pack of 25 $1.75 ea.
CRB032 1/4 oz. Natural Cylinder (LDPE) with Dropper Insert and Cap.
Dropper insert is attached after bottle is filled, making filling bottles simple.
 Case of 10 CRB032 $9.00
White Polypropylene Double Wall Straight Sided Jars with White Dome Caps
These white polypropylene double wall straight sided jars are offered with white dome caps.
  D20 1 Ounce White Polypropylene Jar $1.25 each. ( Perfect container for our button puff )
  D20A Case of 10 Each 1 Ounce White Polypropylene Jars $10.95 each.
CRB073 20ML ( Approx. 2/3 oz. ) Plastic Vials
Clear PET Sample Vial with 22/400 Lined Screw Caps
 Case of 10 $5.00
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