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Hurricane Katrina was very unkind to us on August 29th, 2005, we lost the majority of our office and warehouse space in just a few hours time. It will take years to rebuild, and in the meantime we must limit the amount of items we warehouse.
We have decided not to restock our cosmetic supply line at this time, but rather, have customers purchase directly from our friends at Essential Supply.

They have a huge selection of cosmetic products for the home crafter and small cosmetic companies we serve.

They have everything you need to start your own personalized line of cosmetic supplies, simply purchase their ready made formulas, put in your cosmetic containers with your labels and you have your own product line ready to ship.

At Essential Supply you can find:

Masques & Serums
Cucumber & Cranberry Under Eye Gel Masque (Puffy Eyes)
DMAE Mud Masque
DMAE Serum
Face Firming Serum
Green C Masque
Green Papaya & Pineapple Facial Gel Masque
Pumpkin Peel
Wild Oats & Honey Masque

Cremes and Cleansers
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cleanser
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Creme
Breakout Buster Face & Body Cleanser
Chocolate Mint Creme
Chocolate Orange Creme
Chocolate Vanilla Creme
Cleansing Creme
Cocoa Butter Creme
Cream/Lotion Concentrate
DMAE Mud Cleanser
Exotic Butter Creme
Ginger Lime Butter Creme
Glitter Body Cream
Goat Milk Cream
Green C Cleanser
Green C Creme
Green Tea Body Butter Creme
Green Tea Facial Cleanser
Herbal Creme
Jojoba Creme
Jojoba Scrub Creme
Lavender Body Butter Creme
Olive Cleansing Oil
Organic Wild Oats & Honey Cleanser
Rose Water Creme
Shea Butter Creme
Silk Creme
Sun Butter Creme
Super Rich Night Creme
UnderEye Nourishing Creme
Wild Yam Body Creme

Aftershave Soother
All Natural Honey Body Lotion
Cucumber Lotion
Funky Feet Foot Lotion
Goat Milk Lotion
Hemp Lotion
Herbal Lotion
Jojoba Lotion
Jojoba Lotion Spray
Massage Body Lotion
Milk & Honey Lotion
Olive Oil Lotion
Peppermint Foot Lotion
Shea Butter Lotion
Silk Lotion
Wild Oats & Honey Lotion

Shampoo (Conditioning)
Shampoo (Sulfate Free)
Shampoo, Chrome Dome
Shampoo, Cucumber
Shampoo, Fruit & Herb (Blonde Hair Formula)
Shampoo, Peppermint & Tea Tree
Shampoo, Silk & Herb (Dark Hair Formula)

Conditioner, Cucumber
Conditioner, Fruit & Herb (Blonde Hair Formula)
Conditioner, Herbal
Conditioner, Moisturizing
Conditioner, Peppermint & Tea Tree
Conditioner, Silk & Herb (Dark Hair Formula)

Aloe Vera Jelly
Bath & Shower Gel
Bubble Bath
Bubble Bath (Sulfate Free)
Bug Off Gel
Castille Soap (Thick)
Castille Soap (Thin)
Cleansing Face Gel
DMAE Under Eye Gel (Wrinkles)
Foamy Hand & Body Soap
Glitter Body Gel
Hand Aloe Cleansing Gel
Liquid Glycerin Soap
Muscle Gel
Shower Gel (Sulfate Free)
Styling Hair Gel
Wheat & Oat 3 in 1 Gel

Astringents, Toners & Splashes
Aftershave Splash
Alpha Hydroxy Facial Toner
Breakout Buster Astringent (Scented)
Calming Facial Toner (Scented)
Cucumber Facial Toner
DMAE Facial Toner
Dry Skin Facial Toner
Grapefruit Astringent (Scented)
Green C Toner
Green C Toner
Mature Skin Facial Toner (Scented)
Moisturizing Facial Toner
Vitamin 'C' Facial Toner
Wild Oats & Honey Facial Toner

Body Mists
Body/Linen Spray Base
Cooling Leg & Foot Spritzer
Earthen Body Mist
Jasmine Body Mist
Lavender Body Mist
Romance Body Mist

Melt & Pour
Melt & Pour Deodorant
Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap
Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap
Melt & Pour Hair Wax
Melt & Pour Lip Balm
Melt & Pour Plumping Lip Balm

Spa & Body
Bath & Body Oil
Body Powder
Deep Tissue Whipped Massage Gel
Herbal Reduction Detox Wrap
Massage Lotion
Massage Oil
Milk Bath
Muscle Gel
Sensitive Skin Massage & Body Oil
Whipped Massage Gel
Yoga Mat Wash

Scrubs & Polishes
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cleansing Scrub
Blue Green Algae Butter Polish
Butter Body Scrub
Coffee Salt Scrub
Dead Sea Body
Honey Bath Body Polish
Pumice Body Polish
Sea Kelp & Aloe Powder Soak
Sea Kelp Mineral Salts
Therapy Bath Salts
Turbinado Body Scrub
Walnut Body Polish

Baby Products
Baby Bath Powder
Baby Body Creme
Baby Body Lotion
Baby Body Powder
Baby Shampoo & Wash
Baby Shampoo & Wash (Sulfate Free)
Diaper Ointment
Zinc Diaper Ointment

BASIC Conditioner
BASIC Shampoo

Pet Supplies
Cat Nip Spray
Pet Bedding & Carpet Powder
Pet Bedding Deodorizing Spray
Pet Conditioner
Pet Detangler
Pet Shampoo

Make Up Eyeshadow
Autumn Gold Eye Shadow
Beachy Brown Eye Shadow
Brighteyes Eye Shadow
Bronze Princess Eye Shadow
Buttercup Eye Shadow
Canyon Sunset Eye Shadow
Carribean Waters Eye Shadow
Champagne Eye Shadow
Coconut Shell Eye Shadow
Copper Sunset Eye Shadow
Coral Reef Eye Shadow
Coral Sunrise Eye Shadow
Fawn Eye Shadow
First Light Eye Shadow
Freesia Eye Shadow
Fuchsia Eye Shadow
Golden Fields Eye Shadow
Golden Moss Eye Shadow
Golden Sunset Eye Shadow
Granite Eye Shadow
Green Matte Eye Shadow
Lavender Haze Eye Shadow
Lilac Frost Eye Shadow
Lucious Lavender Eye Shadow
Luna Eye Shadow
Midnight Matte Eye Shadow
Mocha Matte Eye Shadow
Moonlight Eye Shadow
Peacock Eye Shadow
Pink Opal Eye Shadow
Pink von Purple Eye Shadow
Pumpkin Eye Shadow
Pure Gold Eye Shadow
Rainforest Eye Shadow
Salmon Eye Shadow
Silky Sand Eye Shadow
Silky Sand Eye Shadow
Silver Water Eye Shadow
Slate Green Eye Shadow
Slate Matte Eye Shadow
Summer Glow Eye Shadow
Sunlit Cactus Eye Shadow
Sweet Rose Eye Shadow
Texas Blue Eye Shadow
Yellow Poppy Eye Shadow

Make Up Cover-Up
Pink Concealer
Under Eye Concealer
White Concealer
Zit Stick Cover Up

Make Up Foundation
Chestnut Foundation
Espresso Foundation
Moonkissed Foundation
Nude Opal Foundation
Setting Powder
Sunkissed Foundation
Swiss Mocha Foundation
Tan Opal Foundation
Yellow Opal Foundation

Make Up M&P Lipsticks and Stains
Chocolate Lip Stick
Leather Lip Stick
Pomegranate Lip Stick
Rose Lip Stain
Sahara Lip Stick
Siren Lip Stain
Sunburn Lip Stain

Make Up M&P Lipstick Shimmers
Brown Sugar Lip Shimmer
Cool Breeze Lip Shimmer
Coral Fruit Lip Shimmer
Freesia Lip Shimmer
Pink Opal Lip Shimmer
Warm Cinnamon Lip Shimmer

Blushes and Shimmmers
Bronze Princess Shimmer
Brown Shimmer
Canyon Sunset Shimmer
Champagne Shimmer
Copper Sunset Shimmer
Coral Sunrise Blush
Freesia Blush
Fuchsia Blush
Garnet Blush
Golden Bronze Shimmer
Pink Opal Blush
Sunstone Shimmer
Sweet Rose Blush

Colored Bath Salts
All Natural Green Bath Salts
All Natural Lavender Bath Salts
All Natural Orange/Red Bath Salts
All Natural Yellow Bath Salts
Blue Bath Salts
Green Bath Salts
Orange Bath Salts
Pink Bath Salts
Purple Bath Salts
Yellow Bath Salts

Aromabath Fizzies
Earthen Bath Fizzies
Fresh Bath Fizzies
Lavender Bath Fizzies
Lemon Litsea Bath Fizzies
Peppermint Bath Fizzies

Laundry and Household
All Purpose Cleaner
Dishwashing Liquid
Electric Dishwasher Soap
Liquid Laundry Soap
Powder Laundry Soap
Power Cleanser
Softener & Brightner
Spot Remover

Men's Care
Aftershave Soother
Aftershave Splash
Melt & Pour Hair Wax
No Bump Aftershave Splash
Shaving Creme
Shaving Gel
Shaving Oil
Shaving Soap Creme

All of this is, plus Fixed Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Butters & Waxes, Hydrosol/Distillates, Extracts/Tinctures, Preservatives, Cosmetic Chemicals, Soap Molds, and Packaging can be found at Essential Supply.

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