Standard Disposable Pipettes

New! 1.3ml Fine Tip Mini Transfer Pipette
Only 2.5 inches long with a fine tip, this pipette is perfect for easily measuring out single drops.

CPIPE20 Pack of 10 $1.50

CPIPE21 Bulk Pack of 100 1.3ml Mini Transfer Pipettes $12.75

CPIPE21 Bulk Pack of 500 1.3ml Mini Transfer Pipettes $59.75
3.5" Standard Size Plastic transfer pipettes.Measures 3.5" in length, easy to handle for precise drop measuring, perfect for filling small vials and for measure dropping small amounts of oils.

CPIPE01 Pack of 10 $1.75

CPIPE02 Pack of 100 $12.75
Graduated Plastic Transfer Pipettes

1ML Draw Pipettes. About 5½" long pipette draws 1 ML into the stem, stem has measured increments of .25, .5, .75 and 1m markings.
CPIPE03 Pack of 10 1M Pipettes $1.95

CPIPE04 Pack of 100 1ML Pipettes $14.75

2ML Draw Pipettes. About 6” long pipette draws 2 ML into the stem, stem has measured increments of .5, 1, 1.5 and 2m markings.
CPIPE05 Pack of 10 2M Pipettes $1.95

CPIPE06 Pack of 100 2ML Pipettes $14.75

3ML Draw Pipettes. About 6” long pipette draws 3 ML into the stem, stem has measured increments of .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3m markings.
CPIPE07 Pack of 10 3M Pipettes $1.95

CPIPE08 Pack of 100 3ML Pipettes $14.75

Oxford Type Transfer Pipette
The best way to fill larger vials. Large volume will hold about half an ounce of liquid, and is measured in ml up to 12ml for easy measuring. Cut off the narrow tip end for larger drawing, and it is excellent for filling lip balm tubes, etc.

CPIPE09 $1.95 each

CPIPE10 Pack of 10 $17.50

CPIPE10A Pack of 50 $75.00

CPIPE10B Pack of 100 $125.00

CPIPE10C Pack of 500 $500.00

Very Small 3cc Transfer Pipette
This tiny pipette holds only 3cc ( 1/10th ounce ) of liquid, handy for applying smalls drops of liquid, popular for giving medicines to pets orally.
CPIPE16 3cc Plastic Transfer Pipette $1.45 each
Monoject Luer Lock Tip 20cc Disposable Syringes
These plastic syringes are very popular in the animal care business, we find even more useful in the cosmetic trade. The plunger top can be removed from the syringe and filled with formula, plunger re-installed and formula dispensed as needed. Plastic syringes, no metal parts.
Each syringe comes inside a protective plastic case.
TN04A Case of 10 20cc Monoject Disposable Syringes $12.95

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